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AMR DetecTool project overview

Global challenge

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are among the most severe public health problems, globally and in Europe:

  • limited therapeutic options
  • the mortality rate is increasing
  • long-term impact on the population in reducing the expected life years

AMR has economic burden: increased hospital costs

  • much longer treatment times
  • more tests
  • specialized isolation units
  • stricter hygiene protocols

Our mission: Tackling antimicrobial resistance

Fronts of the fight against antimicrobial resistance:

AMR DetecTool allows to rapid and adequately
  • manage the infected patients
  • improve health outcomes
  • reduce the risk of transmission

Source of the image: Review on Antimicrobial Resistance:

We offer rapid diagnostic tools

AMR DetecTool

An affordable, sensitive, rapid and easy to use diagnostic system to detecting multidrug-resistant bacteria direct from clinical samples: blood culture, urine, rectal swab, bronchoalveolar lavage / tracheal aspirate.

The current workflow for the detection of the resistance in the microbiological laboratory requires isolation of the bacteria and the application of different methods:

  • disk diffusion
  • Etest
  • combination disk test

The current technics take between 16-30 hours meaning that the appropriate antibiotic treatment is delayed.

Rapid detection is essential

  • to prevent further spread
  • to fight efficiently against MDR bacteria

This innovation, the AMR DetecTool detects the enzymes directly from the patient’s sample, shortening the workflow for the detection of multidrug-resistant bacteria to 30 min.

Patient & financial benefits

Patient benefits

The AMR DetecTool device can detect the most common resistance mechanisms of bacteria directly from the patient’s sample, enabling the patient to receive the appropriate antibiotic quickly.

The main advantages include:

  • quick and accurate treatments
  • better recovery rate of the patients
  • decrease in mortality
  • shorter hospital stays

Financial benefits

This new, rapid and easy to use diagnostic device helps determine the right antibiotic quickly. The costs associated with prescribing the wrong antibiotic can be avoided. With a quick start to proper treatment, the healing time will be shorter.

AMR DetecTool reduces operational expenses.

The device decreases:

  • treatment costs
  • treatment time
  • length of hospital stay


Rapid detection: process & targets

Key features of the AMR DetecTool
  • Concentrates bacteria from liquid sample
  • Eliminates the interferences due to the biological media
  • Improved sensitivity

One device – two functions:

  • Sample processing: filtration – extraction – incubation – deposition
  • AMR detection
Principle of the detection

LFIA: Lateral Flow ImmunoAssay

The sample is applied at the end of the strip (sample pad), then migrates into the detection zone.
If the target is present in the sample, the antibodies will bind to it, and the coloured band will appear.
The second band known as the control line will also appear to indicate that the test has been run successfully.
If no resistance marker is present in the sample, only the control line will appear.

Rapid AMR tests:
  • Carbapenemases: KPC, OXA, VIM, IMP, NDM
  • VAN A/B: vancomycin-resistant Enterococci
  • OXA-Ab: OXA-type carbapenemases in Acinetobacter sp.
  • 3GC: third-generation cephalosporin resistance


Video interviews with the project leaders



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